Carnival City One Loft Race Pigeon Newsflash - SAMDPR Genes from Zander Birdy Konstantin continue to excel at One Loft Races


Boshoffs won the ACE Pigeon at the Carnival City Winter Series 2015 with a granddaughter of 'ZANDER' x 'BIRDY'. A direct son of 'Zander' x 'Birdy' when mated to a daughter of 'KONSTANTIN' produced the SAPIR 2014 HOTSPOT ACE Pigeon. Boshoffs Pigeon Lofts purchased her and mated her to a grandson of the SUPER STAR Hen of the lofts 'SUNNY GOLD'. The first baby of this mating produced the ACE Pigeon at Carnival City. She was sold on for R 27150 this week. Boshoffs Pigeon Lofts congratualates the new owner with the purchase of this great pigeon. She was our favourate when entered to the race and we have faith that she will be a super breeder.